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The Power of Data - Is Your Website Keeping Score?

Is your website achieving what you need it to? Is it reaching your goals? How do you know?

Websites are a great tool to inform, engage, and connect with your audience and a good site can help continue the conversation with your users through social media. It allows organizations to speak with their audience in a way traditional advertising cannot. Arguably the most important advantage of having a strong online presence however, is often overlooked: The power of data.

Analytics tools allow us to collect, analyze, and use data in a way that can enhance the user experience. Perhaps you post a new type of content and aren’t sure if your readers will be interested. Do you continue to waste precious time creating new content and hope that it gets read or do you stick to what already works? Properly taking advantage of data allows us to know if your most recent article was only viewed 50% as much as the average article on your site…maybe it’s time to start posting something different.

Data also helps us set realistic goals for a site and track those goals over time. It helps to break this down into three simple steps:

1) What game are we playing?

2) What’s the score?

3) What are we playing to?

If you don’t even know how many people are currently getting to your site or what they’re looking at how can you possibly expect to set and achieve a goal? If content is king then data must be the Queen. Get data smart and start harnessing that power NOW!

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